About Me

Welcome! My name is Holly and this is my contribution to the world of stories. Seeing as I tend to consume books at an unhealthy pace I though I would try and share the ones I love and warn against the one that disappoint. If I can recommend just one great book that someone then reads, then I will be a happy bunny indeed!

I'm currently living in the seaside town of Brighton and Hove with my awesome boyfriend. I love this town, especially in summer and can't ever see myself not living by the sea (despite the occasional fantasy I have of living in that quintessential little romantic French village running a patisserie!)

I'm lover of all things story wise books, comics, games, movies and TV. I'll pretty much try anything someone recommends to me and my worst nightmare is running out of stuff to read. This is a serious fear and it tends to cripple my monetary funds on a monthly basis but when you know how to mend holes in socks new clothes are no longer a priority!

In addition to reading I adore food and cooking for other people (weirdly no so much for myself, I tend to just eat noodles if I'm on my own) and I try to counteract this love of food with, albeit minimal, exercise. 

I still hold hopes of one day discovering a before hidden talent for Roller Derby and the martial art of Kick Ass-ery but I think they require things like discipline and practice. Same probably goes for learning a new language and C++ but hey, when I win the lottery........